Aurora Hunting with Electric Snowmobiles

What about chasing the Northern Lights with completely silent and eco friendly electric snowmobiles?

Activity Description

For those wishing become to part of the nature, and not just drive through it, our Silent safaris are the perfect solution. What makes us unique is our silent and emission-free electric snowmobile - eSled.

We drive our eSleds on a good location, away from Ylläs village lights, to find an ideal spot for observing the Northern Lights. On clear night we can admire the night sky and stars and if we are lucky – even the magical Northern Lights, as known as Aurora Borealis. On Ylläs meridian the change to see this amazing phenomenon is really good so let’s gross our fingers the night is good for us! Our guide is happy to help you with camera settings if you wish to take pictures. During the stop we warm ourselves by the fire and enjoy a Finnish style grilling.


3 hours

What is included?

Winter clothing, snowmobile instructions and safari 2 persons/eSled, driving time approx. 1,5 hours, snacks, guiding in English

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