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Best Lunch Places in Rovaniemi

Julkaistu marraskuu 2018

Aurélie Martin / Sales Executive

Hello! My name is Aurelie. I was born in France and I have been enjoying living in Lapland for the last 15 years. As a food lover, I am happy to recommend you some of my favourite places for lunch and café in Rovaniemi. I’m looking forward meeting you!

Café Rovaniemi

If you want to experience a local restaurant for lunch, I recommend you Café Rovaniemi. You will be warmly welcomed by friendly staff. A buffet with homemade food and homemade bread is served daily, with a mix a flavour. It’s a cosy place, perfect as well for a coffee and fresh pastry, you will also find vegan delicacies. Enjoy a relaxing lunch under some pleasant music! Good bargain quality and price.

Restaurant & Bar Kauppayhtiö

Living in Rovaniemi for many years, this is one of the first place I got seduced by! I have always liked this weird name bar and restaurant. When you push the door, you step in a vintage room. There you will taste the best burger in town, as well as delicious salads, surrounded by a flee market atmosphere. Friendly staff and many artistic details to spot in the place. On week end a dj will throw some vinyl’s and you can start to make couple of dance moves! It’s also a nice place for coffee and evening drinks. Feel free to write some comments on the toilet walls, there is always a pen near by. In summer you will appreciate the sunny terrace with a smoothy!

Restaurant Haruno

Travel to Turkey during your lunch time! When you enter the restaurant you are directly attracted by the buffet choice, with well dressed salads, meat, fish and vegetables. You can enjoy the smell of orient, surrounded by Turkish decoration. You can finish your meal with a Turkish coffee with loukoumi. A very good lunch place quality and price wise, with a large choice of food suitable for everyone.

Toivo Café

A local restaurant with a daily fresh menu. The place is very popular among the locals, its interesting restaurant to try for lunch as a foreigner. They are cooking also very good cakes and pastries, as well as own bread. Moreover the restaurant exhibit paintings from local artists, so you can please your eyes and your mouth at same time. Good value quality and price.

CafeBar 21

The fancy, trendy place to be! Cosy modern restaurant and bar, where you can eat delicious salty waffles and other speciality of the house. Don’t escape the place without trying their homemade ice cream. Its also a nice place for coffee and evening drinks, good choice of cocktails. Lovely terrace in summer in the backyard. Some dj can warm up the place during the week end, it’s a popular place to start with a drink before disco. They also have a small Mexican restaurant a side called “Yuca”, where you can taste some exotic food. As its trendy place, prices are a bit higher but good quality of the food.

Restaurant Roka

A small restaurant, where its smell home food when you push the door. You will find there some street food with their speciality called “wich”, it’s a kind of sandwich homemade and they even have one with reindeer meat, they can always recommend you a good matching wine with the food you will select. They have a daily soup and daily meal for lunch. Its very popular place due to its good food. If you go for dinner I recommend you book a table. The restaurant is small. For lunch its always pretty much available. So give a try and make your wish! Good value for quality and price.

Hostel Café Koti

We are finally very happy to have such a place in Rovaniemi city! This is the feel-good place to hang around, to go for a coffee or drink. And of course to enjoy their daily soup lunch with salad. Owned by a young energetic couple, Koti is already popular among locals and foreigner. It’s a hostel so you can get lot of good tips from them. Staff is very friendly, there is a cool atmosphere! Out of lunch time you can try some of their snacks made with homemade bread. They have some vegan products too. During the week they organize event such as movie evening, salsa evening and more. They sell as well Lappish handicraft and exhibit photos from local photographers. The venue is bright an spacious with glass windows. A good place to chill out. In summer you can enjoy their rooftop terrace, perfect place for a drink under the midnight sun! Good value price/quality.