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Lapland Classic Original Hike

Julkaistu maaliskuu 2019

Lapland Classic Original Hike

142km – 6 day of hikes

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1st hiking day: Kellokas-Peurakaltio 20,5 km

After plenteous breakfast, we check our gear and prepare the departure, then hop on a bus for short transfer from hotel to start of the hiking route at Kellokas nature center. Our first-day trail passes by Varkaankuru with one of the richest biodiversity in Lapland. Lunch is enjoyed between three fells in Kotamaja. In the evening we arrive at lumberjacks’ traditional cabin and cafe Peurakaltio which hosts skiers in winter time on the south side of fell Äkäskero. Riitta has made dinner and heated the wooden sauna accompanied by her husband. Sleeping in cozy shared rooms heated with stoves.

2nd Hiking day: Peurakaltio-Rauhala 25 km

Today’s route from Peurakaltio to Rauhala village follows paths made by reindeer in the beautiful forest of Äkäsjärvi lake. We stop for lunch at Pahtavuoma wilderness cabin village and come down to Jerisjärvi lake shores for the evening. Enjoy the local hospitality at bed and breakfast homestay. Accommodation in shared rooms and cabins and home-cooked dinner and heated sauna by Anne and Hannu Rauhala.

3rd Hiking day: Rauhala- Pallas 23 km

Today you get to breathe the exanimated cleanest air in Europe. At the beginning of the hike, we will start climbing towards fell Pallas through breathtaking sceneries on top of a fell line. For the night we arrive down from Pallas fell to traditional Pallas hotel with accommodation in hotel twin rooms. The sauna will be warm, and dinner is served in a hotel restaurant.

4th Hiking day: Pallas- Vuontisjärvi 18 km

After hotel style breakfast, you may visit the Pallas Nature Center during its opening hours. There you can learn more about the natural diversity of the area. Today’s scenery will open up for hundreds of kilometers away while we travel alongside the fell line on top of the national park fells and the legendary Pallas. Our camp lunch break is held in Rihmakuru or Nammalakuru while enjoying the beautiful scenery and resting. Accommodation is located on the other side of the fell line, down in the village of Vuontisjärvi, in the traditional Vuontispirtti fell hotel. Twin rooms or shared cabin accommodation, a tasty hotel buffet dinner and of course a sauna will make the night. From the sauna, you can go swimming in the crystal clear waters of Vuontisjärvi fell lake.

5th Hiking Day: Vuontisjärvi- Ketomella 27 km

After morning preparation and good breakfast pack your picnic and let’s go! In this area of the national park, we can see the collation of south and north. The difference can be seen in the diversity. Lunch break is held at Hannukuru but as the day is long we also stop for rest in Suaskuru with breathtaking sceneries. In the evening we will arrive at small-town Ketomella to Kosti’s house by Ounasjoki river. Accommodation in shared cabins in shared group rooms, with dinner and a nice “löyly” in the sauna. The master of the house, Kosti, might join us at the end of the evening.

6th Hiking Day: Ketomella– Hetta 28,5 km

Remember to eat generously in the morning as today is the longest hiking day towards the silence of the fells. After checking our gear and preparations we start the last day hiking in culturally historical areas of Tappuri and its beautiful sceneries. When we arrive down to the shore of Ounasjärvi lake, the trail finishes and we take a boat transfer over the lake to small Sami town Hetta. Feast is served in Guesthouse Hetta, sauna is ready and our last night together can start! We are accommodated in four-person rooms.

7th Hiking Day:

Hetta-Ylläs bus transfer, last stop at hotel Ylläsrinne


Total Length of the Hike: 142 km

Total Duration of the Hike: 6 days

Dates: From Äkäslompolo to Hetta 25.8-1.9.2019 (6 hiking dates: 26.8-31.8.2019)

Price: 1063€ / person

All hikes Include: Accommodation on the first night in hotel Ylläsrinne and last night in Guesthouse Hetta with half board (breakfast and dinner) and sauna, during the hike full board (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner), accommodation in group rooms and/ or twin rooms, sauna, transport, luggage transport, hiking guidance and the information event with guides before the beginning of the hike.

Information event: Will be held in hotel Ylläsrinne on the night before hike departure at 17.30. We go through the course of the hike, questions about safety and gear and we get to know the guides and the routes. For assuring the smooth running and safety of the hike we ask the participants to arrive early to the information event. After the event, we will have dinner and sauna together before bedtime.


Lapland Classic Booking request

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Lapland Classic Packing Tips

To wear in the mornings of take-off:

  • Outdoor jacket (windproof, fastly drying, water repellant, with pockets)
  • Outdoor trousers (same features as in the jacket)
  • Technical, long, underwear
  • Shirts
  • Hiking boots or hiking snickers (well used to prevent blisters)
  • Hiking socks
  • Baseball cap, scarf, hat and/or other headwear
  • Gloves for windy days
  • Hiking/ walking poles can help you walking on narrow paths.

Day pack that you carry during the hike:

  • Sunglasses
  • Knife
  • Map (You will receive A4 copy of the route, but we can recommend to get a map of the national park) and a compass
  • Cell phone that works abroad
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Cup for coffee and tea and thermo bottle if you like to have your own coffee or tea with you during the hike (served at lunch break only)
  • Plate
  • Spoon-fork
  • Drink bottle/s and thermo bottle for hot water for lunch
  • Camera
  • Blister blasters, sports tape, painkillers and possible personal medication needed during the day
  • Energy- and chocolate bars, raisins, peanuts etc. snacks
  • Magnesium for muscle cramps
  • Cream for abrasions (for example sink cream)
  • Seat cover to protect your trousers on outdoor breaks

Guide pack includes:

  • Coffee pans, coffee and tea
  • First Aid kit
  • Toilet paper
  • Rubbish bags, extra straps, and leash, duct tape, sewing kit – Wipes or a dishwashing brush – Preparing and patching kit (tape, knife, wire, fast glue) – Needle and thread
  • Backpack or another similar softback, which is easy and fast to grab by the service car driver. Max. weight 20kg:
    Leisure time shoes (sandals etc.) for your swollen feet in the evenings
  • Sets of underwear that are easy to wear on a hike
  • Couple of t-shirts
  • Hiking socks and normal socks
  • Fleece-mid layer or something similar (such as sweatpants)
  • Personal hygiene kit
  • Polo-neck-shirt
  • Both long and short underwear
  • Woolen shirt and woolen socks or other warm wear
  • Torch or a headlight
  • Elastic bandage and liniment cream and other medical supply for your needs in evenings

Pack only the necessary and needed things into your day pack and backpack. Avoid taking too many things. Day pack needs to be so light you can carry it yourself through the entire hike. Remember to pack your medicine into the day pack.

The maximum weight for the backpack that travels in the service car is 20 kg. Avoid using hard case suitcases and take a backpack, rug sack or sports bag instead. Do not pack anything fragile in your backpack.