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Nightlife in Rovaniemi

Julkaistu marraskuu 2018

Andrea Cammisuli / Front Desk Supervisor

Did you know that in Rovaniemi there are approximately 10.000 students every year, both from Finland and from abroad? I was one of them when I came to Rovaniemi and this gave me the chance to experience Rovaniemi nightlife at its best!

As main tradition in the Nordic countries, due to the cold weather, nightlife is usually kept indoors. Except in the summer when street festivals blossom everywhere during the night-less days, people usually get together in local pubs and discos. According to my personal experience, Rovaniemi provides a solution for all kind of evenings you might want to enjoy during your stay!

A perfect evening could start in Bullbar. Located under one of the central hotels in Rovaniemi, it offers a wide choice of nice burgers and cool beers. Kansan Pub is just two steps away. This is a very nice and easy-going pub, with an international imprinting, located not far away from the main square of the city.  Here you can enjoy couple of drinks and you have the chance to play table football and billiards. Maybe you would also like to experience a real Finnish pub? Then Uitto is the perfect choice for you! This is the favourite place for the local, who use to gather together and enjoy couple of beers with table games.

When the clock turns towards midnight, it’s time to choose the right disco to enjoy the music till late night. Doris is the best place if you are looking for international & commercial music! Located in the centre of the city, few steps away from the river, it is crowded on Friday and Saturdays, when most of the students and locals get together to enjoy their time and dance. Half moon is another option where to spend the night. Slightly bigger that Doris, it offers several types of music in its two different lounge areas. In Half moon you have also the change to sing at the karaoke, which is a typical Finnish habit.

So now it is up to you to decide: where are we going to grab a beer next?  😊